Our Planescape campaign begins with the characters waking up on the shores of the River Styx. Their memories have all been washed away by the river, and they find painfully few clues as to why or how they arrived here.

While our campaign starts in the Abyss, the story eventually moves on to other planes, such as Celestia and Acheron, where the characters continue to discover more about their past.

The big question for the characters will be: What makes us who we are? Are we just a collection of our past experiences and memories? If given the chance to start over, would you be the same person?

All this amid the backdrop of The Great Modron March, in which an army of modrons marches out of Mechanus and circles the Great Wheel every 289 years for reasons unknown.

But this March has started decades before it was supposed to begin, which is even more of a mystery than the March itself. Caught unprepared, the planes shudder under the modrons’ collective footsteps — and even the modrons themselves seem a little out of sorts.

So, why have the modrons abandoned their normal, lawful schedule to march years before they’re due? That’s the really big question.


Planescape: The Great Modron March

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